Finding Oversized Recliners

Some people use their recliner as a place to relax and take a nap; others like to put their feet up while they catch their favorite sporting event on television. Regardless of whether it is the middle of summer or the dead of winter a recliner is most often the chair of choice because of its comfort.

What Is an Oversized Recliner?

An oversized recliner is one of the most popular forms of the recliner available today. Oversized recliners are a bit larger than the traditional recliner giving the person seated more room to move around. Oversized recliners are popular among all types of people, though big and tall men are the most common buyers of the oversized reclining chairs. The extra room ensures that those of larger stature do not feel crowded like they do in regular sized recliners. Of course, it is not just larger men who enjoy oversized recliners. Children love to climb up in them and act like adults, women love the fact that there is plenty of room to cuddle up with a blanket, the dog, and a good book. Oversized recliners are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable chair to relax in.

Why Would You Want Oversized?

An oversized recliner chair is not just about comfort when you are awake. It is about comfort when you are sleeping. How many times have you sat down in the recliner to watch television and fell asleep? Normal recliners are comfortable, but they can also be confining. It is common to wake up with a stiff back from lying in the same position or from not having enough room to fully extend your legs. It does not have to be this way in fact oversized recliners are relatively easy to find, are not prohibitively expensive, and come in a wide range of colors and materials.

Material and Colors

An oversized recliner should look like it is part of the room's décor. It should not look like an eye sore. While some people want their oversized recliner chair for their game room others want them to feel like they belong in the living room with the rest of the furniture. Whether you want to display your favorite team's colors and logo or you want a chair that your wife will not complain about, you can find it in an oversized recliner.

Color is certainly important when picking out an oversize recliner but it should not be your only consideration. The material is also important when choosing an oversized recliner. You do not want to sit down in your new recliner to find that the material is hard or itchy. Oversized recliners can be purchased in cloth, leather, and suede among other materials. Oversized recliner slipcovers can also be purchased if you decide to change the décor of the room later.

What to Look For

Once you have decided on color and material there are only a few other things to take into consideration before making the purchase. A recliner should be well made and not have any obvious damage. The handle should be easy to use and the foot stool portion of the oversized recliner chair should move easily from the up to the down position with little to no resistance. The chair should be able to be cleansed easily or special directions should be provided if your choice is made of leather or suede.

Beyond the look, feel, and manufacturing of the chair, you should also pay attention to its weight and size in terms of how easy it will be to move from place to place. In addition, you should consider who will be sitting in the chair. Leather might not be the best choice for a family with small children because they are apt to spill things on it.

Where to Get Oversized Recliners

Oversized recliners are manufactured by several different vendors including La-Z-boy ® . While the some only offer a small selection of oversized recliners most furniture stores are able to order an oversized version of your favorite recliner if they do not have it on site. Due to the increasing popularity of oversized recliners they are becoming easier to find in local retail outlets. Still many smaller furniture stores may not have access to large inventories. That is where the internet comes in handy. With hundreds of furniture retailers online finding the perfect oversized recliner for your home should be a breeze.

Online Retailers

www.csnstores.com – CSN Stores has an amazing selection of oversized recliners to choose from. In more than one hundred colors, designs, and materials to choose from no shopper will be able to resist the comfort of these chairs. CSN Stores carries a wide selection of oversized recliners by Baseline. These chairs come in the colors of most professional baseball and football teams and include the franchise logo on the headrest and foot stool. Prices range from $500 to $900.

www.la-z-boy.com – For those in the market for a high quality leather oversized recliner Recliners Select is a great place to shop. Many pieces come with free shipping and are sent out in just a few days. Prices vary depending on the style and manufacturer of the oversized recliner.

Oversized recliners are more popular now than ever. They are comfortable for anyone regardless of their size or height. They come in many different materials and colors. They can be customized to include your favorite sports teams or to fit in with your exiting décor. They are perfect for game rooms or the living room and might even fit into the corner of your office. They are a great place to relax after a long day and are perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. You cannot go wrong purchasing an oversized recliner. Stop settling for a chair that is too small and start looking for an oversized recliner today. You will not be sorry.

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